Process Audit & Advisory

In business, it is important to define the processes to run the operations and activities in standardised manner and provide clarity to make timely decisions. Process audits are conducted to check the effectiveness and adequacies of existing processes by performing sample checks on the operational activities. It helps to identify the improvement opportunities and close loop gaps by taking timely corrective /preventive actions.

Essentially, in every industry, companies of all sizes have achieved extraordinary improvements in cost, quality, profitability, and other key areas through assessing maturity of their processes by using the tool of process auditing.

Globalscient provides process auditing services under different sourcing models – Outsourcing model /co-sourcing models. Our specialist audit service teams offer you global experience in every industry and sector to ensure that your projects, products, processes and operations meet and exceed market regulations and standards.

Co-sourcing - In a co-sourcing model Globalscient provides resources to clients meeting their job requirements, who continue to work under client’s leadership.

Outsourcing Model - In a full outsourcing scenario, the client can involve Globalscient team by choosing day to day process audits and take the opportunity to leverage our people, process and technologies to transform and improve their processes within the organization.

Advantages of Process Audits by external auditors:-

  • Impendent, realistic and unbiased opinion/observations on the effectiveness of operations
  • Auditors carry large amount of experience in diversified industries and domains
  • Best practices followed across industries can be introduced to improve the system
  • Cost effective solutions are offered to complete the assessments
  • Audits can be conducted in any area / vertical with the help of expert auditors
  • Audit reports provide root causes, responsibilities, key findings and key recommendations
  • Assessments can be completed within desired period and can be scaled up easily for larger coverage